Marea Altra is part of the exclusive chain in the fish sector. Almost all fish is delivered fresh. Anyone who chooses Marea Altra chooses the top of the quality segment.

The knowledge of the fishery, the fish and the contacts make it possible to purchase the best quality. The people of Marea Altra have been active in the fishing industry for decades, and have often been fishermen themselves. Every fishing technique and type of soil has its influence on the quality and taste of the fish product. Thanks to the close contacts with the fishing industry, Marea Altra knows what the best and tastiest fish is.

There is a great deal of involvement with the fish product, and Marea Altra therefore buys everything itself from contacts with which it has been cooperating for years. Whether it concerns fish from the North Sea, IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea, Zeeland Waters or the Mediterranean Sea, at Marea Altra we get a reliable product and ensure that the customer only receives the best.

Pure nature
At Marea Altra, the rule is that only a pure fish product is sold. This means that no addition is made to the fish product, which affects, for example, the weight, taste or texture of the product. Every product has its own specific taste. Marea Altra’s customers are served in Europe with refrigerated trucks or globally via air freight.